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50 Kisses, A Red Carpet Valentine Treat

50 Kisses film has a red carpet world premiere at the Genesis cinema in London on the eve of Valentine’s Day.  Invitation is open to all to attend the event in support of the screenwriters and filmmakers of tomorrow and independent film in the UK. Are you coming? It’s an opportunity not to be missed especially if … Continue reading

Radio Free Europe, an Inspiration for the story of ‘Pavlina’

‘Pavlina’ is a short screenplay shortlisted for the portmanteau style 50 Kisses Film. Set in the 1980s in Cold War Czechoslovakia, it follows the story of a curious young woman who puts herself at risk as she gains information about the West from an illegal radio station.  This radio station is itself inspired by ‘Radio Free Europe’ (in Czech Svobodná Evropa) which played a … Continue reading